Who we are

Astronomy Passion was born from an idea of Pasquale D’Anna. The outreach activity began in 2013 with the creation of the homonymous facebook page. Thanks to the constant passion and care of the author and above all thanks to the trust of the readers, it was possible to create the instagram account and a facebook group associated with the page. Within the group, there are constant in-depth debates on astronomical subjects as well as providing explanations to the most diverse questions asked by users.

The websites www.astronomypassion.com and www.passioneastronomia.it were created to make the astronomy outreach activity more effective, understandable by everyone, and to reach the highest possible number of users.

Our Team

Pasquale D'Anna
I am an amateur astronomer with more than ten years of experience. I love astronomy and science in general. I am driven by curiosity and the love to study everything that surrounds us, always trying to broaden my horizons. Born in 1988, I love motorcycles and the exploration of our Earth. Come with me on this galactic journey!
Umberto Battino
I am a postdoctoral researcher at the "School of Physics and Astronomy" of the University of Edinburgh. My main research area is stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis, with particular focus on the advanced evolutionary phases of low and intermediate mass stars and on the origin of elements heavier than iron in the Solar System.